Our Programs & Services

DERMA has full vision to cover the Social and Economical issues and the Solutions are here:

Economic Community Council


Establishment Activities & Programs

How Can We Help

If you indeed willing to do or get support of people then Register as Member or Become a Sponsor of DERMA. There is a big difference between both of them.

Business Support

DERMA offered our all members to stick with your business even its badly affected due to COVID-19. We have a program to support you which will give a Jump Start.

Health Services

DERMA members will be eligible to get special discounts on Medical Treatment from our Sponsored Health Pharmacies, Clinics and Hospitals.

Support Groups

DERMA has collaborated with Support Groups like An Nasir and Abu Nur for the extra ordinary support provision to our members.

Education & Training

DERMA on going Education & Training have been giving tremendous performance in their respective area of work with affective pace of work.

Housing & Employment

DERMA openly offers youth to be a Member of us and provides all those opportunities which are dreams in this fast and Hitech World. We provide employment and gadgets too to make your future more better.  

Benefits Advocacy

DERMA has sponsor by the Lawyers of High Court and Supreme Court as well so that we can play our role in the area of justice as well and facilitate our Members in case of any misshapen. 

Collaborated Partners

DERMA can understand the requirements of this era therefore we have collaborated Joint Venture with Science and Technology companies.

Business Management System

DERMA contribute its part to boost the economy of Malaysia. Now, your whole business management will remain on your business tips.

Accounting Software

DERMA's collaborator has wide range of clients who have been managing their Accounts without a proper Accountant because the Accounting Software does all its own.

Point of Sales System

DERMA identified that a trading business cannot be manage without any Sales System. The Point of Sales system manages your Purchase, Sale, Stock and provide comprehensive Reports.

Restaurant Management System

DERMA identified that a restaurant cannot be manage without a Restaurant Management  System. This system works same like Point of Sales system and manage your Purchase, Sale, Stock with the provision of comprehensive Reports.