An Nasri Activities

The Trustees at their discretion and to the extent permitted by applicable law may from time to time raise funds by performing the following activities:

Fund Raising

Accept donations or contributions from individuals or groups whether businessmen, NGOs, government, private sector, banks, GLCs and other authorized companies.

Joint Venture

Enter into joint ventures with corporate companies from abroad for the purpose of raising funds for the An Nasri Development Foundation Trust Fund with the approval of Bank Negara Malaysia and any other authority in accordance with National Law.


Formulate cooperation with the government, GLCs, statutory bodies and the private sector to see the potential and space for promotional activities and intermediary services to raise funds to achieve objectives and ensure the continuity of activities and welfare to the target group who will receive assistance and convenience achieved.


Collaborate with corporate companies in the field of real estate etc. to do business together provided that only 25% of the Trust Fund's funds are used to increase the financial fund of An Nasri Development Foundation and business profits should be used to achieve the objectives of establishing the foundation in paragraph 2.2 (a).